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kendrick lamar net worth – The Rapper

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper and a songwriter. He is working in the music industry for many years but got popularity since 2011. The Kendrick Lamar net worth has been maximized in just six years. He is in the discussion as one of the best rappers alive.

Intro of Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar rap music is related to the sentiments of the black population and cultural conditions. He released albums in the year of 2015 which were named as “To Pimp A Butterfly” and “Unlimited Unmastered”. These albums got so much popular which gained a lot of wealth for Kendrick. There are million fans that have love the politically-charged theme of Kendrick’s studio albums. He had released many songs that earned him fame. He got many awards for his different albums and songs.

Kendrick lamar net worth & Big Hits

The net worth of Kendrick Lamar is 35 million dollars. Lamar’s had released a lot of solo songs like “I”, “Alright”, “Peotic Justice” and “Swimming Pools” made him one of the richest man in America. He is an award winning hip hop artist who has taken his name in the list of richest and famous rappers. Once he released his first debut album then he didn’t look back since now.

kendrick lamar net worth

Yearly Net worth of Kendrick Lamar

• In the year of 2011, he had earned five million dollars.
In 2012• He released many singles and albums which earned him 12 million dollars.
• In 2013, he had earned 18 million dollars.
• In 2014, he got 25 million dollars from his albums and songs.
• In the year of 2015 his net worth was 33 million dollars.
• In 2016, his net worth became 35 Million dollars.

Kendrick got exceptional success as a rapper and solo artist. He is a member of West Coast hip hop group which is known as Black Hippy. He had also done work with Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, The Game and Lil Wayne. He had also worked with the princess of pop called Taylor Swift in her music video called “Bad Blood” which was a big hit. This music video generated millions of fans for him. At the present time, the net worth of Kendrick Lamar had stopped at 35 million dollars. However, according to resources, it will become 40 million dollars until the end of 2017. From his different tours, concerts and upcoming albums, he is surely going to take over the rap music industry. His fans are waiting for his new album anxiously. In the month of April 2017, he had released his studio album which is known as “Damn”. This album was also a big hit.