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Schoolboy Q Net Worth – An Artist

Schoolboy Q Net Worth

Schoolboy Q is an American hip hop artist whose real name is Quincy Matthew Hanley. He is best known as for his popular albums including Habits & Contradictions, Setbacks, Blank Face LP and Oxymoron. The Schoolboy Q net worth is 30 million dollars. He had earned his wealth through music album sales, digital downloads, concerts as well as trivial endorsements.

About Schoolboy

Schoolboy Q was born on October 26 in the year of 1996. His birthplace is Germany. His parents got divorced before he was born. When he got addicted to crack in teenage then his mother moved to the USA. He sold drugs in his junior years, however, managed to get good marks in his school.

He was a school boy who was selling drugs so his senior group member gave him the name of Schoolboy. He went to different colleges although never got graduated. He was a good football player and was chosen to play American Football at West Los Angeles College.

However, he didn’t attend the classes at his university and never played football. He just sold drugs at different places, took part in the gangbangs and satisfied himself with crack appetite.

Schoolboy Q net worth

What is Schoolboy Q net worth

He is a successful rapper who had released many albums and earned a lot of wealth from the music industry. The net worth of schoolboy in different years is mentioned below:

• In the year of 2011, he had earned 500,000 dollars.
• In 2012, he had earned 935,000 dollars.
• In the year of 2013, he had earned 1 million dollars.
• In 2014, his total earnings were estimated as 1,600,000 dollars.
• In the year of 2015, Schoolboy started earning 2 million dollars.

Details of Schoolboy Q net worth

Schoolboy musical career started when he was 21 years old. He signed a contract with Top Dawg Entertainment in the year of 2006. However, he only signed a contract with this company on 29 July 2009. He gained popularity when he released his huge solo album called Setbacks. He launched this album in the year of 2011 in the month of January.

The album was ranked at number 100 on the US Billboard 200 chart in the second week. He had earned 800,000 dollars from this album. He could easily generate more income from this album but he put it for free on the iTunes after a couple of weeks from its release. His second album also got too much popularity and was called Habits & Contradictions. He had earned 548,000 dollars from this album.

In the year of 2012, he had launched his third solo album which was called Oxymoron. The total income he generated from this album was 730,000 dollars. In the beginning of 2012, he started doing concerts at different places from which he earned handsome amount.