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Stephen A Smith net worth – An All-rounder Artist

Stephen A Smith

Stephen A Smith Net Worth

Stephen Anthony Smith is an American actor, sports TV personality, sports journalist as well as sports radio host. He was born in the year of 1967 On October 14th. He was raised in New York City but born in Tortola. He graduated from Winston-Salem State University. When he was in college then he was a basketball player. He also wrote different things for the college journal.


 Career of Smith

Smith is doing commentary on the channel ESPN First Take. Stephen A Smith net worth is 11 million dollars. His annual income is estimated at 2 million dollars. He had bought a brand luxurious car for 100,000 dollars. In the past couple of years, his net worth has increased 14 percent. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. It has been estimated that the net worth and income of Stephan will continue to increase at a very strong pace. In the upcoming years, his net worth will grow about 20 percent more.


Stephen A Smith Net Worth

Stephen A Smith Yearly Net Worth

Stephan is a multi talented person who knows how to generate income wisely. Have a look at the yearly net worth of Stephan below:

1990-2000 Stephan started his career from writing for a local newspaper like the Philadelphia Inquirer. He started working on a general assignment for Philadelphia college teams. After that, he moved to the general sports columnist in the year of 2003. He got promotions nine times in just thirteen years. In the end, he was hired by ESPN in 2003.
2010 to 2014He had also done a radio show that was nationally broadcasted on ESPN. In the year of 2009, he took a break from ESPN because of a dispute. After that, he started working as FOX sports contributor. In 2011, he came back to ESPN.
2015-2017Smith is currently working on TV as a host on the “First Take” show. His show is broadcasted on each weekday. Furthermore, his radio show is broadcasted on the ESPN stations that are heard in the entire New York City. He signed up his recent contract in the year of 2015. The contract was about 1.4 to 2 million dollars each year.


Stephen A Smith Cars & House included in his Net Worth

The collection of luxurious cars of Stephan A Smith is very small. He is fond of luxurious cars but only has three. However, he owns the best luxury cars in the world. He owns the cars of different brands that are Chevrolet, Range Rover, and BMW. He has a big home in New York. He purchased his luxurious home in the year of 2001. The total worth of his Real Estate Property is close to 1 million dollars.